Profiling minitest examples with Stackprof

Today I read a nice blog post by Kir Shatrov about Profiling RSpec examples with Stackprof and I wondered if I could repeat this trick with minitest? This question is very important for me because I ofen use minitest for my job and OSS projects. Also a lot of cool projects use minitest (for example, sidekiq, rails, lotus, etc).

In reality, to do that in minitest as easy as in RSpec, and the only difference is that you need to install a separate gem.

  1. Firstly you have to install minitest-around gem;
  2. And secondly you have to add this block of code to your test_helper file;
# test/test_helper.rb
require 'stackprof'
require 'minitest/around/spec'

class Minitest::Test
  def around(&example)
    path = "path/to/repo/tmp/stackprof.dump" :object, out: path.to_s) do

Happy profiling!